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Tony Fitzjohn and George Adamson, Kora 1970s


George Adamson

Wildlife Preservation Trust 

The George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust was formed in England in 1979 to raise funds for the work being done in the Kora National Park in northern Kenya by George Adamson and his assistant Tony Fitzjohn.

Originally called the Kora Wildlife Preservation Trust,  George, in 1988,  asked that the name be changed to the George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust so that projects could be undertaken that were not confined to Kora. Since then, substantial effort has gone in to the restoration of the Mkomazi Game Reserve in Tanzania as well as advice and aid being made available to Kora, when requested, in continuation of Adamson's dream of an Africa with wild and natural areas where animals can remain free.[All text taken from]

Please visit the George Adamson Wildlife Preservation Trust website for more info and updates on their future projects.

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